June 7-23, 2019

2016 Workshops

Museduino Workshop – Participants will explore the principles of robust electronics design for interactive installations and exhibits. Using the Museduino, an open-source system developed by the Cultural Technology Development Lab in Albuquerque, this hands-on workshop addresses the deployment of a microcontroller-based system with sensors and actuators that emphasizes scalability and extensibility. This workshop is open to beginners and experienced Arduino users. Fee

Build your Own Internet-of-Things Micro Controller – When connected to the Internet you can interact with your creation from anywhere in the world! Looking to get into the Internet of Things? Want to make an interactive installation that spans multiple continents?
This workshop is for you. Fee

Hardware Hacking and DIY Audio/Video Synthesis Workshop – Our workshop will use the cathode ray tube as a platform to teach students how to make DIY audio/video synthesizers and analog video transmitters. Through this workshop students will learn techniques such as soldering, hardware hacking and circuit bending, and gain knowledge of analog and digital audio/video synthesis and DIY electronics. The workshops will incorporate theories of reappropriating technological e-waste for artistic purposes, and discovering new and alternative aesthetic purposes for obsolete devices. Fee

Best Practices for Cultural Institutions – On opening weekend of CURRENTS 2016, the 1st-Mile Institute and invited guests will convene a special program on the critical issues, understandings and strategic actions needed for care of temporal/unstable media arts, digital collections and of our increasingly fragile cultural future. Curators, conservators, archivists, collectors and others are encouraged to attend this one-day intensive, needs-based workshop, led by leading experts in the field. Fee

Interactive Dome WorkshopCharles Veasey will host an Interactive Dome workshop at the Institute of American Indian Arts. The workshop provides an overview and demonstration of real-time composition and interactivity within the fulldome environment. The workshop includes spherical audiovisual rendering using real-time production environments such as openFrameworks, Max, TouchDesigner, Unity, and the Unreal Engine. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops in order to realize their artwork on the dome.

Best Practices for New Media Artists РOn Sunday June 12th, during opening weekend of CURRENTS 2016, 1st-Mile Institute and invited guests will convene a free public seminar/discussion on care of unstable media and on what today’s artists need to know to assure intended ongoing life for their creative media works. Free