June 14-23, 2024

2018 Workshops

Weaving and Coding Workshop
Instructors: Renata Gaul and Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya

Session 1 Saturday, June 9 / 10am – 5pm
Session 2 Sunday, June 10 / 10am – 5pm
Location: Red Dot Gallery – 826 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Workshop Fee: $75 for both sessions

Weaving to code, Coding to weave is an introduction to the art of weaving as an illustration on how binary system works and the art of coding as a digital weaving practice. In this two day workshop, we will braid the relationship between both activities through history and practice,  showing how it led to the invention of the first computers and programming logic. Attendees will be introduced to creative coding and basic weaving techniques through a learning approach that demystifies both activities, showing their similarities that are not often exposed.