New Mexico School for the Arts: cultivating artistic talent in Santa Fe, New Mexico

During my visit to the recently overhauled New Mexico School for the Arts, I was blown away.

by Bel Sigado


Under construction since March 18, 2018, NMSA opened its doors to students and the pubic alike this past Saturday for their first community open house since the bulk of construction has finished in their new facility.

I couldn’t help but to imagine what it would be like to attend high school in a facility that is more akin to that of a modern university campus. Groups of students were huddled around the main lobby, the Paseo, avoiding their parents in their new stomping grounds; I don’t miss the horrible reality of high school, but I found myself envying them just a little bit.

Grounds of the updated NMSA

Aside from the state of the art spaces outfitted with the most up-to-date classroom technology, visual art classrooms, dance studios, private music practice rooms – the STEM facilities are just as impressive.

A full course list can be viewed here.

As part of the construction efforts, NMSA was able to add an additional 40 dorm accommodations to their pre-existing 20 for students who live too far away for a daily commute. The dorm accommodations are available Sunday through Friday and the residential fees are available on a sliding scale basis.

Beyond its intended use, I foresee the new grounds of NMSA being a community asset, utilized for conferences, gatherings, and performance.

The positive impact this new facility will have on young creatives in New Mexico cannot be understated. This intersection of STEM fields, visual and performance art, and music nestled right outside of the heart of Santa Fe’s downtown feels inspired and somehow, natural– like it’s always been right there, as it is now.

NMSA is the perfect venue for homegrown, diverse, and raw talent to be refined. I cannot wait to see how their curriculum grows and develops in such a beautiful space.

Learn more about NMSA’s construction efforts here and their programs, admission, and educators here.

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