CurrentSoundscapes Cycle 1 – Week 1




We are happy to announce that our special project Produced by Megan Jones is now live on our website!

The first theme can be accessed at https://currentsnewmedia.org/currentsoundscapes/

Each week a new theme will be released. These themes are meant to inspire some audio experimentation and hopefully provide a brief creative respite while we are dealing with the ongoing public health crisis.

Hashtag your posts on SoundCloud and Instagram #CurrentSoundsapes to be featured and possibly curated into a final album – to be released after the final week.

April 10

1. velocity vs boredom

– Find and record a percussive and/or repetitive sound from your environment and incorporate it into your piece at two different speeds or pitches. Please do not source a sound from the internet, but rather, find and use one from your surroundings. Maximum length for this first piece is 180 seconds total. Submissions close at midnight next Thursday, April 16. Tag your tracks #CurrentSoundscapes to be featured!

Check back this Friday for the next theme and a special Curator announcement!

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