CURRENTSoundscapes Cycle 1 – Week 5

It’s our last week! We are so excited to see the remixes you make to wrap up this cycle of CurrentSoundscapes.

May 8

5. embroidered

– Create a sonic artifact that is gilded, quilted, lined, woven, or mended with threads of gold. Incorporate voice in any manner, and if possible, include a bit of a work (or works) from the previous 4 weeks of soundscapes that is not your own. Find works on Currents New Media playlists or search #CurrentsSoundscapes. Please do respectfully ensure proper attribution of any and all creators as per the Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International — CC BY-NC 4.0. Maximum length for this final piece of this cycle is 5 minutes.

The final theme is due at midnight next Thursday, then we will get to work curating the final album of all the wonderful work we have received. Be sure to #Currentsoundscapes!

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