Liat Berdugo + Emily Martinez as Five Twins

Anxious to Make is the collaborative practice of Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez, two commissioning bodies.

Their focus is on the so-called “sharing economy” and the contemporary artists “anxiety to make” in the accelerationist, neoliberal economic landscape. Our work has appeared recently in EMMEDIA, Transmediale, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Luminary, V2_Lab, and MoMA PS1.

Performative Validation For Working With Unfamiliar Materials was shown as a single channel video at the 2019 Festival.

How is one to understand technology by investigating its economies? The video “Liat Berdugo + Emily Martinez as Five Twins” is an ongoing commission of fake twins sourced from Fiverr.com who double themselves in postproduction. In outsourcing identities to laborers in this economy, this work examines the kinds of subjectivities produced by the sharing economy– and how these ideas relate to a subject re/produced in vulnerability, self­-appreciation and self-­esteem, qualities that underlie the psychology of the neoliberal subject.

Liat Berdugo + Emily Martinez as Five Twins from anxioustomake on Vimeo.

Anxious to Make, is taking artistic entrepreneurship to the next level. From existential anxiety to art market worthy end product, Anxious to Make proposes that by outsourcing all of the facets of artistic practice (and life) to gig workers and algorithms, anyone can make themselves into a creative enterprise and achieve the neoliberal dream.
Anxious to Make developed a methodology – along with a series of online generators, commissioned performances, interactive quizzes and an analog algorithm – to walk artists through common blockages and offer solutions that can be commissioned through the sharing economy, gesturing toward an endless productive duplication. This piece documents the body of video work resulting from this project.

Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator whose work focuses on embodiment and digitality, archive theory and new economies. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals internationally and she collaborates widely with individuals and archives. She is currently an assistant professor of Art + Architecture at the University of San Francisco.


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