CURRENTSoundscapes Final Playlist

We are happy to present a final compilation of all our final selections from the recent #CURRENTSoundscapes project, which collects all the chosen submissions into one track! This includes a short introduction and explanation of the project recorded by our generous producer Megan Jones.

Currents New Media · Digging In Final Playlist

CURRENTSoundscapes: Digging In—Final Playlist from Currents New Media on Vimeo.

Thank you to all the artists who participated from around the globe. We had a total of 68 sound art submissions over a period of 5 weeks, all guided by weekly themes. These short works came not only from artists in the USA (Alabama to California and places in between) but also from Singapore, Brazil, and Japan.

Gratitude to the wonderful curators as well. Fernando Hernandez, Leila Day, Maja Thomas, and Sxip Shirey. Each curator brought a different sonic aesthetic to this collection, yet they are united by an abiding interest and affection for humanity, not audiences. They looked for the handwork in these short sonic stories.

Here is the curated track listing.

0 – Invitation by Megan Jones

1 – Splashsong by C. Alex Clark — Curator Leila Day

2 – Voicemail by Les Stuck — Curator Maja Thomas

3 – Ambience Gamified by Sim Sadler — Curator Fernando Hernandez

4 – A Wander by Ken P — Curator Sxip Shirey

5 – Quarantine Live at Alternate Days by Sara Marinelli — Curator Megan Jones

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