CURRENTS 826 on Canyon Road

CURRENTS 826 is Parallel Studios’ year-round exhibition and experience space. In addition to the annual summer CURRENTS NEW MEDIA Festival, this permanent space will continue to increase the community’s interaction with new media arts in an accessible, experimental environment. CURRENTS 826 features interactive art and installations as well as a futuristic gift shop featuring objects fabricated using digital technology.


WINTER TALES features five previous Currents New Media Festival artists collected together to explore themes of the darkest quarter of the year. From a retelling of a classic winter witch tale through smell to an exploration of inner-turmoil projected into a miniature house and hospital, these works allow us to sink into the deepest reaches of our psyche during the cold season.

Click here to view Winter Tales in virtual 360º

WINTER TALES features the work of Sarah Stolar, Miriam Langer, Saskia Wilson-Brown, Fern Seiden, and Daniel Jolliffe.
Exhibition Dates: December 13, 2019  – March 29, 2020




Phone: (505) 772-0953
Instagram & Twitter: @currentsnewmedia @currents_nm

826 Canyon Road, Santa Fe NM 87501
Across from the Tea House

Gallery Hours:

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic,
the gallery will be closed until further notice.

Winter Tales can be viewed virtually, in 360º here:

Please check back for further updates.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

Past Exhibitions:

1.24.20 – 2.29.20
Pop-Up: Emmett Palaima – Hammerhead Audio

12.13.19 – 12.14.19
Pop-Up: The Messengers & Beautiful Data and Musical Musings 

10.11.19 – 11.29.19
CENTER + CURRENTS: Shifting Perspectives 

5.24.19 – 9.9.2019
Stitching and Weaving in the Digital Age
Curated by Christine Duval


Want to show your art at CURRENTS 826?

CURRENTS is looking for artist-made objects fabricated using digital tools to exhibit and sell at our year-round futuristic gift shop and exhibition space. There is no deadline for submissions. Hybrid objects are welcome.

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