June 18-27, 2021

Artist Talks

An Artist’s Path to New Media @ El Museo Cultural
Saturday, June 10, 2 – 3pm

Join us in the El Museo theatre on Saturday afternoon to hear 6 artists tell, and show, us how their artistic work evolved into using, or why they chose to use, technology as a tool to express their ideas. Each 10 minute talk will help us understand how they contextualize their own work and how new media arts expand the lexicon of contemporary art.

NoiseFold: Metamorph & Swarm Caste
@ form & concept gallery
Artist talk Saturday, June 17, 2pm

Swarm Caste is one of a series of new glass works that utilizes mathematic data (the hacking of differential equations) to produce a wide variety of sonic and visual forms. In this instance the artists have fabricated a graphite mold that is then used to cast hot glass. The result is a set of bio-mimetic forms that suggest visual structures found in nature. Similar to their performances, the results are an evocative hybrid between the familiar and the alien.