CURRENTS team Twitch #5

C, Bel and Al discuss Apple’s new XR eyeglasses, the Sims, online relationships and more! Tune in every other Wednesday for a new conversation with the CURRENTS team. Next stream is June 3rd at 6pm MST.

Currents Team Livestream #3!

We were back this week with a special guest William Dunn from form & concept gallery. We discussed technology, craft, and the ways in which we have been dealing with social distancing and public closures. This week C was reading Simians, Cyborgs and Women by Donna Haraway and The Rim of Morning: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror by William Sloane. We also touched on the satellite grid being launched by Space X, as well as the name of Grimes + Elon Musk’s new baby. Click here to go to our Twitch page.

Currents Staff Livestream 2

Did you miss our latest livestream?

You can see it or watch again on Twitch! You can find us by following this link or searching Currents New Media.

This week we talked with Megan Jones about our ongoing project CurrentSoundscapes. We also talked more about what we are doing during social distancing, what we’re reading, playing and singing at home karaoke!

Tune into our next livestream in two weeks, Wednesday April 29!

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