Virtual Studio Visit: ZOEY LIN

CURRENTS multimedia artist, Zoey Lin, talks about her inspiration and process from her corner “shell-ter” studio. She discusses how she uses a combination of everyday materials and textures and new technologies to create immersive, experiential installations that explore what lies beneath the surface. Zoey has been using stop motion animation, VR, photogrammetry and 3D modeling to bring her handmade figures and environments to life. For more of Zoey’s work, check out!

Virtual Studio Visit: ZOE SANDOVAL

CURRENTS 2020 artist and experience designer, Zoe Sandoval, shows us their studio space and talks about their process. Zoe discusses how ritual, intergenerational history, love letters and the now-valueless Venezuelan bolívar play roles in their work. Check out more of Zoe’s work at!

Virtual Studio Visit: AVITAL MESHI

CURRENTS 2020 artist, Avital Meshi, shows us around her California studio. She discusses how identity, machine learning and Second Life play important roles in her work. We get a sneak peak at her new performance piece, Don’t Worry Be Happy, which involves facial recognition software and an electric chair. Avital’s piece, Live Feed, was part of CURRENTS 2019. Check out more of her work at, as well as this 2019 CURRENTS interview conducted by C!

Virtual Studio Visit: LYN GODLEY

CURRENTS 2020 artist and designer, Lyn Godley, takes us inside her Philadelphia studio and talks about how she makes beautiful, immersive light art using programmed LEDs and reflective material. She discusses collaborating with musicians and upcoming research on the meditative effect of these pieces. Lyn’s piece, Climate Tension, was selected to be part of CURRENTS 2020. Check out more of Lyn’s work at

Virtual Studio Tour: OWEN LOWERY

Interactive artist Owen Lowery takes us on a wild and wonderful tour of his at-home studio. Owen shows us several of his projects and discusses how he engages audiences of all ages by sparking curiosity with playful, accessible, immersive experiences. Two of Owen’s pieces, Dreamscapes and Regenerative Letters, will be on view at CURRENTS 2020. Check out more of Owen’s work at:

Artist Feature: Payton Meyer on ANTIFACE

Artist and designer Payton Meyer discusses his piece, Antiface, and how facial recognition technology and police surveillance inspired him to create this fully-customizable LED helmet. Antiface will be on view at CURRENTS 2020. Learn more about Antiface at

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