June 18-27, 2021

CURRENTS 2021 Selected Artists

Thank you for your submission to CURRENTS 2021.

If your name or the name of your group is listed below, you have been invited to participate in CURRENTS VIRTUAL 2021. Congratulations!

If your name is not on the list, we want to assure you that the selection process is a complex equation made up of exhibition design, finances, logistics, and an overall vision for this year’s festival, and does not reflect back on the quality or value of your work. The 2022 call will be sent in mid-July 2021 with a deadline in early October. We look forward to seeing more of your work then.

If you have been selected please respond with an email acknowledging your selection and that you are agreeing to participate. If possible, please include your cell phone number. Click here to send an email. If the link does not work on your computer email to . We will be contacting you in the next couple of weeks with more info, to talk about logistics and to send you an artists agreement.

(This is a private list for artists that submitted to the 2021 Call and not a public announcement. Only the name of the submitting artist is included in the list below. Collaborators will be listed on our website and in future promotions.)

Selected Artists

Adonia Bouchehri – JELLO
Afrah Shafiq – Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To
Alan Macy – the body in\verse
Amay Kataria – Liarbirds
Amy Alexander – What the Robot Saw
Ana Vallejo – Neuromantic
Andy Deemer – Andy’s Super Happy Fun Magic Show
Benjamin Hall – Wretched Light Industry
Casey Farina – Keeping Time
Cinzia Campolese – Confinement.lands
Elizabeth Leister – All Her Bodies
Eva Davidova – Global Mode >
Gina Collecchia – SCROLLHOLE
Jean Rene Leblanc – Real Life Cowboys
Jennifer Traina-Dorge – Biography of a Portrait
Jody Zellen – Ghost City Avenue S
Joel Ong – Void*ambience : Latency
Kyoung Swearingen – The Woods
Sasha Pyle – Digital Zoetrope/sequential glitch art
Madeleine Hammar, Maria Zolotova, Noé Cuéllar, Olha Pylypenko, Curators – Mediate: in-betweenness
Margaret Noble – Circa Diem
Melanie Courtinat – Ten Lands
Michael Luo – Days Dark
Morgan Barnard – Inter-Reactions
Nicholas Shaheed – Wire Spill
Oliver Griem – Embracing the City of Seoul
Provides NG – Current
quietSpeaker – remote/displaced
Richiard Hoagland – Embodied Ontopolologies
Roberto Santaguida – The Universe According to Dan Buckley
Ruxandra Mitache – The Flying Steering Wheel
Sandrine Deumier – Falling
Shona Kitchen – Another Final Frontier: Spoil Island Habitat
Sim Sadler – Quarantine Pastiche #1
Snow Yunxue Fu – The Night Flames
Sophie Kahn – Dematerialized
Stephen Fishman – Infinity Town
Susan Silas – MEDUSA
Wayne Madsen – Planets!
Yuguang Zhang – MASS 2.0