June 16-25, 2023

CURRENTS 2022 Selected Artists

Thank you for your submission to CURRENTS 2022.

If your name, or the name of your group, is listed below, you have been invited to participate in CURRENTS 2022. Congratulations! The title of the piece, or pieces, selected is listed next to your name.

The selection process is a complex equation made up of exhibition design, finances, logistics, and an overall vision for this year’s festival. If you haven’t been selected for CURRENTS 2022 it does not reflect on the quality or value of your work. The 2023 call will be sent in August 2022 with a deadline in early October. We look forward to seeing more of your work then.

If you have been selected please respond with an email acknowledging that you are aware of the determination and that you agree to participate. If possible, please include your cell phone number in the email.

Click here to send an email or send your email to .

We will be contacting you over the next couple of weeks with more info, to talk about logistics and to send you an artists agreement.

(This is a private list for artists who submitted to the 2022 Call and not a public announcement. Only the name of the submitting artist is included in the list below. Names of collaborators will be listed on our website and in future promotions.)

Selected Artists

Adrian Leverkuhn   Light Touch
Alejandro Borsani   La Isla de Vidrio (The Glass Island)
Anan Yoon Lee  Stick Bugged Speedrun
Andrea Polli   The GLOW (Growing Life on Other Worlds) Pod
Andrew Frueh   Kendrick + Gilbert
Anne Spalter   Sky Ship
Ash Garwood   Alter
Avital Meshi   Face it!
Billie Mitchell   Period of Revolution (.)
Brad Gallagher   Rumpus Room For Dancers
Bun Stout   One Fate Stupid
Carlisle / Hamilton   Untitled
Cezar Mocan   Arcadia Inc.
Colin Ives   Garden in the Machine
Cyane Tornatzky   Duets
Dante Biss-Grayson   Digital Sprit Dancer
Davida Singer   deluge rio grande + who is the blue voice?
Emma Forgues   Mesocosm + Pero sans Cimon
Emmett Palaima   Modular Triptych: Great Wurm
Grace Grothaus   Sun Eaters
Heather Warren-Crow   Information + There is Something in Good Men That Really
Yearns for Discipline
Hedwige Jacobs   Personal Space
Hope Strickland   if I could name you myself (I would hold you forever)
Hsin-I LIN   [ Khun-giân ] :The Third Voice
Ian Gibbins   The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself
Johan Fredrik Källman   Luxtriplicata
Joseph Farbrook   Higher Faster Stronger
Judy K Suh   Impression, Seasons
Karl Munstedt   Encryptid
Kenzie Housego   An Artistic Exploration of Contemporary Online Courtship + Wearables
Kirsten Angerbauer   Pink Noise, 23hz
Laura Splan   Syndemic Sublime
Leonardo Madriz   Letters to Home, Pt. 1
Luke Bern Carr   Staircase
Lyra Mancini   Mirror Mirror
Primordial Dismemberment  Sadovnik
Marco Buongiorno Nardelli   Requiem – Between a Barrel and a Hearth
Margaret Thompson   Brilliant Universe
Maryam Khaleghiyazdi   Speaking Blanket
Masha Vlasova   Her Type
Matthew Schoen   Assemblages
Maximillian La Rocco   Moving Pictures Gallery
Mollye Bendell   Outgrown
Omar Lavalle   CLOSE _ perspective #1
Owen Lowery   Song of Slime
Pablo-Martín Córdoba   Substance
Paula Gaetano Adi   A Robocalyptic Manifesto: Techno-Politics for Liberation
Reilly Donoavan   Machine Blooms
Ruben Olguin   Acequia Madre
Ryan Robson   Gypsum + Skipping Stones
Samuel St-aubin   Prosperity II + The Spaghetti Machine
Sarah Pucill   Eye Cut
Sarah Trad   Clench My Fists
Sebastian Morales   Cumulus
Seph Li   相/Phase
Seylon Stills   Laki’s Birds
Shane Coffing   Synchrony
Shomit Barua   Degrees of Granularity
Susanne Dietz   Gazes from Beyond the Grave
Theo Krantz   Subliminal Excercise
Tirtza Even   2nd Person
Tivon Rice   Models for Environmental Literacy
Tristen Ives   Double Whammy
Yoon Chung Han   Roads in You
Young-min Choi   Cloud Mirror + Chordal Distance
Zuyva Sevilla   Xeros