June 16-25, 2023


「ZPTPJ·初」/ Performance - Miao JIng and Jason Hou

Don’t miss this phenomenal opening night performance by two innovative artists from China – Miao Jing, Shanghai, and Jason Hou, Beijing. They will perform their piece twice that evening at 7 and 10pm in the El Museo Cultural Theater.

「ZPTPJ·初」creates a story based on the concept of future-primitivism. This story focuses on a tribe of people, all of whom are suffering from the symptoms of Amnesia. Therefore, they forget where they come from, what they have experienced ,and where they are going. Artists Miao Jing and Jason Hou place themselves in this particular context as an archaeologist and an archivist, respectively. They sometimes help with reviews, archives, visiting historical sites, and watching the tribe’s ceremony in an completely detached time and space. This work is a 40 minute long audiovisual performance which contains 8 chapters.

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