June 14-23, 2024

100 Year Plan

100 Year Plan / Performance by Emotional Store

Be sure to see this funny and disturbing journey through our “connected consumer” world

“100 Year Plan” is a multidisciplinary performance project by Emotional Store. Set to probe our physically and virtually hybridized minds in the midst of automation takeover, “100 Year Plan” combines livestream performance, prerecorded videos, songs, websites, and wearables into an abstract story of two creatives who put everything into a path for digital success.

A live-cinema experience, “100 Year Plan” is a dystopian response to participating in the creator economy. In consideration of the overlaps faced by both artists and content producers of all kinds, “100 Year Plan” comically and critically explores how the performance of the self is intertwined with shifts in the economic, technical, and cultural structures of our time.

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