June 16-25, 2023

Artists Talks

Artists Talks

Sunday, June 9, 1-3pm
@ El Museo Cultural in the theater
CURRENTS 2019 main exhibition venue
555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM


The Observed and the Observer

Artist talk by Tong Wu and Barak Chamo on their work Panopticon.

In the age of mass surveillance and commoditized information, we are all, willingly or not, constantly watched. Our devices, online presence, transaction history and even physical presence have become an asset for social network, world governments and corporations to own – we live in a digital panopticon devoid of consent and, in many cases, even awareness.

“Home” and “Happiness” in a Precarious Landscape

Artist Talk by Nadav Assor on his and Tirtza Even’s work Ungrounded: Excerpts from Chronicle of a Fall

“Ungrounded” is an experimental documentary installation combining cinema verité with emerging technologies such as parallel POV video and volumetric capture. The piece pays homage to the Verité classic ‘Chronicle of a Summer,’ loosely applying it to contemporary U.S.

A Post–Physical, Hyperbranded, Instaperformative World

Artists Talk by Bailey Hikawa and Scotty Wagner on their performance piece 100 Year Plan.

Emotional.Store collaborators Bailey Hikawa and Scotty Wagner discuss the conception and production of their latest performance piece “100 Year Plan,” and how it relates to the post–physical, hyperbranded, instaperformative world of digitized society.

Digital Rhizome Macroscopic Universes

Artist Talk by David Gumbs on his work Blossoms.

In my presentation I’ll be talking about how living on a tropical island impacts my creative process. Both through the use of patterns taken from nature and the importance of the sea that separates us from the world.


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