June 16-25, 2023

Brain Waves @ Axle

An interactive installation in Axle Contemporary’s Mobile Gallery

Shel Neymark with Steve Cox

and engineering students at Northern New Mexico College
Brain Waves
June 2 – 18
At The Currents Festival Opening Weekend
In the Railyard Plaza next to the Farmer’s Market Building
June 9: 6 pm – midnight
June 10: 2 pm – midnight
June 11: noon-7pm

Single drops of water fall into a small, dark pool. Concentric circles of waves flow across the surface. Light passing through dichroic glass sends shimmering color across the waves. Viewers wear a helmet equipped with electrodes, and as they relax and move into a meditative state their changing brain waves trigger additional drops creating more intricate patterns of waves on the water’s surface.

 Visitors realize that they can effect changes in the physical world using their state of mind. Collaborator, Steve Cox (neuro-scientist/engineer) is working with his senior engineering students at Northern New Mexico College in Espanola to design and build the electronic systems used in this artwork.

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