June 14-23, 2024

CENTER Presents COLOR CUE: Explorations in Perception

Shinya Masuda

CENTER is pleased to announce two projection programs; Conjured Futures, showing June 7th and 8th, and COLOR CUE: Explorations in perception, showing June 14th and 15th. Both projections take place on the north side of the Santa Fe Railyard shade structure.

This is part of the collaborative initiative, PhotoSummer, in its 4th year promoting contemporary photography in New Mexico. Taking from the rich legacy of photography in New Mexico as a point of departure, the exhibitions and public programs of PhotoSummer represent the continued energy and support of the photographic arts in the region.

PhotoSummer is made possible by the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission and the 1% Lodgers Tax.


The projections will take place outdoors in the Santa Fe Railyard. The first program, Conjured Futures is presented in conjunction with the Interplanetary Festival hosted by SFI and is included in their roster of happenings and events. Color Cue; Explorations in Perception is presented in conjunction with the Currents New Media Festival. Each program includes the work of several national and international photographers in a slideshow format. Both programs are free and open to the public. Participating artists will be announced in the first week of June.

COLOR CUE: Explorations in Perception

Where: Santa Fe Railyard, Near the Entrance of El Museo
When: June 14 & 15, 7pm – 10pm
Admission: FREE

Color Cue: Explorations in Perception is a juried projection curated by Angie Rizzo, featuring photographic images that explore color as a subject, muse, and scientific phenomenon. Utilizing color theory and the effects of color combinations, Color Cue exposes an underlying conceptual framework that brings into question how the environment and culture affect the perception of color. For centuries color was considered an unexplained phenomenon until Isaac Newton discovered color waves in the 1660’s through his experimentations with sunlight and prisms. Through the years, humanity has continued to make discoveries and create theories about how and why color is a part of the visual experience. Photography has played a vital role in advancing the understanding of the visual world – from the invention of color film to the creation of lenses, photography has helped us understand how we see.

 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded in 1994, that honors, supports and provides opportunity for gifted, committed photographers. For over 24 years, CENTER has helped photographers across the globe advance their careers and grow to their full potential. Annual CENTER programs include The Choice Awards, Excellence in Teaching Award, Project Launch & Project Development Grants and CENTER’s flagship event, the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival.

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