June 17-26, 2022

Contemporary Latin Canadian Visions

Saturday, June 13 / 11am – 12pm @ Violet Crown Cinema
Friday, June 19 / 8:15pm – 9:15pm @ El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
Friday, June 26 / 8:15pm – 9:15pm @
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

aluCine Latin Film+ Media Arts Festival Presents

A program of independent experimental short films that focus on the, multilingual visions and diverse socio-­political perspectives the artists bring to Latino-­‐Canadian media art; Pan-­‐American and universal.

The Latino mark in all of these films tells histories and stories of different kinds of integration, alienation, love and mourning within the contemporary Canadian society, helping to make a multicultural and diverse tapestry. The importance of the Latino/as filmmakers is their own ethnic and cultural mestizaje, their role as bridges between different cultures, languages and experiences of immigration, re-­‐adaptation and non-­‐assimilation that are happening now in North America.

Sinara Rozo-­‐Perdomo / Programmer

Participating Artists

Cecilia Araneda / Presque Vu
Guillermina Buzio
/ vos/you
Sojin Chun
/ Re Oriented
Jorge Lozano
/ MoneymakesART
Camilo & Felipe Martín-Flórez / Vernacular Dance
Alejandro Valbuena / Burnt
Cecilia Velasco / Swiftly and Storeys
Laura Marie Wayne / Water Washing Through Bones / Encuentro

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