June 16-25, 2023

Wifi Tracking and Data Collection in the Age of the Smart Phone

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Counting Visitors at Currents Using Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi Tracking

There’s a Rpi tracking system installed at Currents, designed to count unique ┬ávisitors, without saving any identifying data. In this workshop we will demonstrate how it works, what information we are collecting, how we inform visitors of the system and what opting in/out means to visitors. We will also compare it to more invasive visitor tracking systems (such as those used at retail locations). We’ll play around with the data and discuss the privacy implications of these systems. No previous experience is required, but we will be sharing code and going through the Rpi set up for those with some experience.

Workshop Presenters:

Miriam Langer – Professor of Media Arts at New Mexico Highlands University, teaches physical computing and leads the multimedia and interactivity emphasis area. She is the founder of the AmeriCorps Cultural Technology program, and co-director of the Center for Cultural Technology, a partnership with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.
Jonathan Lee – professor of software systems design at New Mexico Highlands University. He specializes in development for mobile devices.
Rianne Trujillo – lead developer for the Cultural Technology Development Lab at NMHU. She specializes in designing large-scale interactive exhibits for cultural organizations.

Workshop Info:
June 17 – 1 – 3:30 pm @ Warehouse 21
Cost – $45
Maximum Participants – 20

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