June 16-25, 2023

Digital Dome Screenings

Turquoise Trail / Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones

A shuttle van will be making hourly round trips between El Museo Cultural and IAIA beginning at 2:45.

The Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts is a unique space to learn new applications for creative expression, scientific and technical exploration, and the merging of art and technology. It is also unique in the world as the only articulating dome which can move 90 degrees and be positioned in multiple locations for different viewing experiences. IAIA has joined the international fulldome consortium to link our programming and knowledge formation with others across the country and the world experimenting in ways in this immersive environment.

The Digital Dome projection program will start off with a selection of Student Work. Included in screening will be work from the Ringling College of Art and Design and selected students from IAIA Digital Dome classes.

Ringling College of Art and Design Participating Students:

Christina Chang / “Striare”
Millivette Gonzalez De Jesus / “The Dreamer”
Lynea Hagman / “aMaze”
Sooyun Kim / “Flights of Fancy”

IAIA Participating Students:

Tamara Colaque and Deepak Maharjan “We are Water”
Louva Hartwell “Numoon”
Kyle Joe ” Dragon”
Brian Bolman Still images: “Railyard” “Blue Fence””Bridge 2480” Time lapse: “Facing East”
Denise Wells Still images: “Dog 1” “Dog 2”
Alicia Rencountre Da Silva still images: “Bird Nest” “Bed with lace” “Danger”
Angel Mills Stills: “landscape” “graffiti”
Julia Edmonds stills: “Roof 1” “Roof 2” “Hall”
Jennifer Benson stills: “Duckpond” Circle Green”
Louva Hartwell Delfino Castillo “Rainwater station”
Deepak Maharjan “Oom mani padme hung”

The program will continue with immersive works by:

Ati Maier / “Event Horizon
Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones, / “Turquoise Trails
Rick Fisher and Eliot Gray Fisher / “Hejira 9”
Benjamin Ridgway / “Tribocycle”
Greg Schuter / “I Am Not Afraid”
Snow Yunxue Fu / “Or”
Selections from SAT FEST 2013.

SAT FEST Participating Artists:

Horizon Ludique: Visuals: Jérôme Lebel a.k.a Melesul3 & Joseph Lefebvre a.k.a 8BitBoy (CA) / Audio: Jerôme Lebel a.k.a Pocaille (CA)
RIDE zer0 : Visuals: Dominic St-Amant a.k.a AZYL (CA) / Audio: Olivier Rhéaume a.k.a Ghost Dog (CA)
Breathe of Life: Visuals: Martine Koutnouyan & Joseph Lefebvre (CA) / Audio: Matthew Burton (CA)
PolyHedra: Visuals: Francis Théberge a.k.a TIND (CA) / Audio: Guillaume Bourassa (CA)
Transgress: Visuals & Audio : Joe Fiola a.k.a ZEF & Antoine Saint Maur a.k.a Santo (CA)

It will conclude with interactive works:

Zack Settel / “Bone Jam”
Chris Clavio / “Mind Chimes”


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