June 16-25, 2023

Drift / Experimental Video Screening

Film still from "Water Root," William Villalongo, 2013

Eileen Torpey – Curator


DRIFT is a nomadic intermedia exhibition that moves to a new location every year. Founded by artist Eileen Olivieri Torpey in 2002, the show characterizes the impermanence and site-specificity of the artworks as well as the adaptive qualities of the participating artists. DRIFT highlights under represented talented artists while emphasizing the critical role of experimentation and process within conventional and unconventional exhibition spaces. As part of Currents 2014, DRIFT will showcase artists in a 1 hour video shorts program.

Participating Artists

Sara Angelucci, “Anonymous Chorus”, 2:45 mins
Katrina Bello, “Press,” 1 minute
Margaret Eccles, “Phantom Limb”, 1:05 mins
Tomoko Hayashi, “Mutsugoto”, 3:47 mins
Marcella Kwe, “Viz-Hun,” 5:00 mins
Toby Maclennan, “Biting Into a Piece of the Day,” 4:51 mins
Ati Maier, “Space Rider,” 3:37 mins
Irvin Morazan, “untitled,” 1:55 mins
Melinda Morey, “What’s not Seen,” 2:39 mins
Kelly Oliver & Keary Rosen, “The After Dinner Speech,” 4:00 mins
Trevino Brings Plenty, “Removing Skin,” 2:12 mins
Yolonda Ross, “Breaking Night,” 10:00 mins
Bram Schouw, “Sevilla,” 11:14 mins
Edie Tsong, “Water and Sky,” 1:08 mins
William Villalongo, “Water Root,” 6:53 mins
Almaz Wilson, “Headstand,” 1:48 mins
Matthew Day Jackson, “Nuclear Testing Museum Commercial” 45 secs

Total program time: 60 minutes

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