June 17-26, 2022

Elegy / Arcos Dance

Arcos Dance presents Elegy
Thursday, June 16 @ 6 pm
Railyard Plaza near the Water Tower

Elegy will be presented at various locations throughout the city June 16 – 18.

Times of performances are listed above. Except for June 16 in the Railyard Plaza near the Water Tower, alternate locations for the other 4 performances can be obtained by signing up to participate at

“Elegy” is a transmedia performance in which audiences participate both virtually and in person (online and offline). The performance presents a narrative taking place in real time over the course of a week in multiple locations. The plot follows a young woman’s journey out from the wilderness as she tries to recover a mysterious personal history that she has almost entirely forgotten. Presented in a series of site-specific performances interspersed with documentation of the main characters’ travels on various media platforms, including 360-degree video, are influenced by audience members, who are invited to interact virtually in the days leading up to and following the live events they attend.