June 16-25, 2023

First Sunday Performances

Andrew Pask, Darwin Grosse, Cory Metcalf / Trio Performance and Western Door/Power Trail / Karen Schupp and Todd Ingalls

An exciting evening with two multimedia performances featuring:

Karen Schupp and Todd Ingalls
Western Door/Power Trail
Multimedia Dance Performance 40 min
Tempe, AZ

Western Door/Power Trail is a collaborative performance piece that traces issues of
sustainability and water rights in relationship to ideas about power and relocation. Through
exploring and embodying these ideas, evocative sound and visual environments emerge a
new in each interactive performance. Conceptually the work is conceived as a trio between
maker/performer Karen Schupp, interactive media artist Todd Ingalls, and the media that they
generate in performance. Instead of hiding the technology and source of the media, the
interactivity is revealed to foreground the live interplay of decision-making throughout the work.

Darwin Grosse, Cory Metcalf and Andrew Pask
collaborative trio performance
Denver, CO / Los Angeles, CA

Scalene explores the idea of applying Jazz-influenced improvisation to serial processes and real time graphics. Simultaneously, serial techniques and algorithmic devices are used to inform the parameters of improvisations and free play. This creates a data-rich feedback network for the development of intimate and immediate art, expressed using acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and digital processes.

All Performances Are FREE

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