August 21-30, 2020

Hammerhead Audio Workshop

Audio Electronics 101 with the 555 Timer Chip

In this workshop Palaima will teach the basics of audio electronics design and prototyping, including:

-How to read electrical schematic diagrams
-How to prototype audio circuitry using a solder-less breadboard
-Basics of analog synthesis and audio signal flow
-Hands on direction of prototyping your first audio circuit, a square wave oscillator synth
-Introduction to concepts necessary to complete further projects with the workshop components

Components ($20 Supply Cost):

1 400 Pin Solder-less Breadboard
1 8 Ohm 3 Watt Speaker
3 555 Timer IC Chips
2 Potentiometers
1 Pushbutton Switch
2 2N3904 NPN Transistors
2 LEDs
1 Resistor + Capacitor Grab Bag (Variety of Values)
1 Schematic Symbol Cheat Sheet
1 555 Projects Schematic Packet

$50 Workshop Cost + $20 Supply Cost

2-1/2 Hour Workshop Time

Please email with any questions.

Hammerhead Audio Workshop

  • Price: $70.00
    Includes $20 materials fee.
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