June 16-25, 2023

“Home” and “Happiness” in a Precarious Landscape

“Home” and “Happiness” in a Precarious Landscape

Artist Talk by Nadav Assor on his and Tirtza Even’s work Ungrounded: Excerpts from Chronicle of a Fall
Sunday, June 9, 1:30pm
@ El Museo Cultural in the theater
CURRENTS 2019 main exhibition venue
555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM

“Ungrounded” is an experimental documentary installation combining cinema verité with emerging technologies such as parallel POV video and volumetric capture. The piece pays homage to the Verité classic ‘Chronicle of a Summer,’ loosely applying it to contemporary U.S.

It looks into the lives of ten immigrant cultural producers at various locations in the US, as they negotiate ideas like “home” and “happiness” in an increasingly precarious landscape. As in the French film, these characters go about their days, at times crossing paths and even gathering for a shared meal. However, in this installation, electronic media itself has become a medium, a non-place in which the protagonists are immersed, often experiencing two places at once, or one place from multiple views.

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