August 21-30, 2020

Hydra | David Stout and Amy Knoles

Sonic-visual artist, David Stout and percussionist-composer, Amy Knoles, premiere an evening of atmospheric electronics, melodic grooves and scintillating cinematic imagery.

Performed on a networked instrumental system, Hydra integrates custom audio-visual software, modular-synthesizers, rhythm machines, acoustic drum sensors and gestural controllers allowing the musicians to drum the image and sculpt sound in mid-air. Knoles’ rhythmic virtuosity finds a fitting match in Stout’s dramatic audio-visual settings that utilize digital sonification techniques to fluidly translate image into sound and sound into image. The result is a hypnotic intermedia experience that draws from diverse stylistic idioms, melding contemporary art music with elements of minimalism, jazz, noise, trip hop and ambient soundscapes. Hydra is both music for the eye and ear.

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