June 17-26, 2022

I know this, I do this all the time (I don’t like it though)

(June 2013) with kate kita

This performance installation is an investigation of the manifold faces, masks and skins of our individuality and identity in relation to the “Other” and questions how the contemporary urban environment restricts real human interaction and it’s effect on our ability to process information.
The artist explores the fragile connection, or violent disjuncture, between the experience of the body, and the perception of the “Other.” The piece unearths the patterns that shape the space of the self, the messages and images that invade, embed and collude on our encounter with the Other.
The scenography refers to the mind and its processes, especially focusing on how information is represented (audience’s drawings), processed (performer’s drawings on the paper), and transformed (performer’s drawings on the wall)
The main tool of this interactive performance installation is a device (similar in function to an overhead projector), which allows the watcher to draw on a piece of paper while her/his action is recorded and projected on the performer’s visage. the doer, over a period of three hours, collects each of the audience’s drawings which gradually overtake her private territory: the performance space, a narrow room, becomes progressively covered with drawings and the doer unable to react to this invasion gradually loses her mobility.
The drawings produced in each show are being archived in folders and dress the room as props in later shows. a selection of the audience’s designs is also printed on wall paper.

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