June 17-26, 2022

Interactive Dome Workshop

Krystal Boersen / The Time Grid

Interactive Dome Workshop
Charles Veasey will host an Interactive Dome workshop at the Institute of American Indian Arts. The workshop provides an overview and demonstration of real-time composition and interactivity within the fulldome environment. The workshop includes spherical audiovisual rendering using real-time production environments such as openFrameworks, Max, TouchDesigner, Unity, and the Unreal Engine. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops in order to realize their artwork on the dome.

Interactive development experience is required.

Interactive Fulldome Presentation / Open to the Public
Featuring “Endless Current” by Graham Wakefield and Haru Ji
On-going from 3 – 5pm

Workshop Info
price per student: FREE
length: 4 Hrs – 10am – 2pm
participant limit: 8 students

Fulldome at the Institute of American Indian Arts

The Interactive Dome Workshop is now full. Check out our other workshops  here.

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