June 16-25, 2023

InterPlanetary Festival / Santa Fe Institute

The InterPlanetary Festival is an annual event, free and open to the public, that combines an exploration of complexity science and technological innovation with a summer festival full of music, film, art, food, drinks, and more. The InterPlanetary Festival is completely conceived, curated, and executed by the Santa Fe Institute, whose science acts as the fuel and inspiration for the festival’s many facets.

Each year InterPlanetary compiles all manner of scientists, sci-fi authors, business leaders, artists, etc., to create an interesting and engaging lineup of panels, all revolving around the fundamental systems and questions of our existence as a species, both on Earth and beyond. These Main Stage conversations are punctuated by concerts, and surrounded by art installations, food trucks, drink vendors, film screenings, community lectures and presentations, and our Innovations and Ideas Expo booths (belonging to companies and institutions at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation). By design, the majority of the festival (aside from select film screenings) is completely free to attend, and is a great way to spend a summer weekend absorbing some out-of-this-world content.

The second InterPlanetary Festival lands in Santa Fe’s Railyard Park, June 14th-16th, 2019. To keep up-to-date on all the happenings as we draw closer to this year’s event, make sure to register to be entered for a chance to win a VIP package to InterPlanetary Fest 2019!

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in the Railyard Park behind SITE Santa Fe

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