June 16-25, 2023

Intimate Distance Project

Thanks to a generous residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Hye Young Kim will further develop her project “Intimate Distance“. She will set up a booth at El Museo Cultural and at other locations in Santa Fe where she will invite visitors to participate by spending 3 intimate minutes with someone they are close to. Hye will record, edit and present new videos, which will be updated everyday. The videos will be uploaded online so that participants can view their videos at the CURRENTS exhibition or online at home.

All the videos will be viewable here.

By growing up with a big Korea family and strong Asian family bonding, I have played different roles of family and struggled between independence and dependence, and between personal decision and family involvement. Intimate relationships start from family, so I started to ask questions about what intimate relationships are, how to define roles of family, and how the intimate relationships of family affect who we are. When I visited my family in Korea in summer of 2014, I asked my family including myself to close their eyes in 3 minutes and to keep the closest distance by not trying to touch each other. In the experimentations, I strongly felt the existence of other by losing my visual sense of distance and sharing my breath with my family in the physically close distance. By using a mirror reflection as a visual strategy, I emphasize the intimate distances not only as negative spaces but also the power of transformation. My intention of Intimate Distance I is not only to capture psychological ‘intimate moments’ from physically closest distance but also to show family dynamics by playing multiple roles of family by juxtaposing of these two different roles of family at the same time.

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