June 17-26, 2022

Everything is Terrible @ MEOW WOLF

MEOW WOLF will present Multimedia Performances at the House of Eternal Return on Rufina Circle during the CURRENTS. Festival.

June 18 / 9pm, doors open @ 8

Everything is Terrible
The internet sensation video collective responsible for some of this millennium’s most intriguing and mind melting videos. From Yogi Ogi Dogi, the creepy yoga farmer, to Cat Massage to Pubic Hair Dying to the Yellow Dino who hunts pedophiles; for 7 years EIT! has mined the absurd VHS universe for the best/worst bits. Every video is original and fantastic media art that creates a window into America’s hidden past and future! Not only has EIT! managed to make thousands of new web videos everyday, but they’ve also made 6 features including their 2012 remake of The Holy Mountain using nearly 3,000 dog-related clips.

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