June 17-26, 2022

New Media New Mexico @ Warehouse 1-10 in Magdalena

Metropolitan Triangle Garden by Rui Hu

Warehouse 1-10

Submissions for New Media New Mexico Partners will open September 15, 2015.

Travel a Media Arts Trail through New Mexico’s spectacular landscape and visit all of our NMNM Partners.

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2015 Participating Artists

Tony Abeyta / Santa Fe NM-Berkley CA
Underwolderness /  Single Channel Video Installation

Chung-Fan Chang / Jackson, NM USA
Drawing Noise / Single Channel Video & Animation

Mery Godigna Collet and Louis R Gutierrez / Venezuela-Austin Texas
Unctuous Current / Single Channel Video Installation Projection over mirror finish aluminum plate (2’x2′) / Continuous loop 5min.

Catherine Forster / Chrystal Lake, IL, USA
POND / Single Channel Video Installation / 6:34 min loop

Gabriela Reyes Fuchs / Mexico City, Mexico
How to show that the infinite is in the finite? / Single Channel Video

Rui Hu / New York, NY USA Metropolitan
Triangle Garden / 
Single Channel Video- 3D Simulated Animation

Monteith McCollum / Vestal, NY USA
Din-Din /  New Media Installation

Kathleen McDermott / Carmel, NY USA
Urban Armor /  DYI Warble Electronics Miss My Face The personal Space Dress / Single Channel Video Installation

Michael Mideke / Magdalena, NM USA
Spirit of Inquiry / 7.5min. Single Channel Video- Documentary Short

Margaret Noble / California,USA
Index of fear / Forty-eight artifacts including sound, image and text.

Elke Rindfleisch & Martha Williams / New York, NY USA
Animal/Angel / Multi Media Performance 30 min.

Livia Daza-Paris / Venezeula-Canada
Diary of Rituals N4: At the End, the Beginning / Single Channel Video Installation

Joanna Tam / Marstons Mills, MA USA
Untitled (Where have you been?) /  Multi Media Installation / 19min Night Projection
I’m American (Happy 4th Edition) / Multi Media Installation/Projection 17min 20sec.

​Marion Clair Wasserman /Santa Fe, NM USA
Jungle Loop / Multi Media Installation/Night Projection

Things to do while visiting Magdalena:

The Very Large Array One of the world’s premier astronomical radio observatories, consists of 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration on the Plains of San Agustin fifty miles west of Socorro, New Mexico.

Magdalena Ridge Observatory
The Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO) is located on 1,000 acres at 10,600 feet in the Magdalena Mountains of the Cibola National Forest in Socorro County, New Mexico (NM).

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
Established in 1939 to provide a critical stopover for migrating waterfowl, the refuge is well known for the thousands of sandhill cranes, geese and other waterfowl that winter here each year.

The Pie-O-Neer in Pie Town
We invite you to come to the center of our universe for some truly tasty pie.

These are a bit of a drive but worth it –

Pueblo of Acoma / Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’U Museum
Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum rich in cultural architecture, serves as the reception center and museum for visitors to the Pueblo of Acoma. It is the gateway to Acoma “Sky City”.

El Malpais National Monument
The primeval black basalt terrain of El Malpais was created by volcanic forces over the past million years. Molten lava spread out over the high desert from dozens of eruptions to create cinder cones, shield volcanos, collapses, trenches, caves, and other eerie formations. This stark landscape preserves one of the best continuous geologic records of volcanism on the planet.

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