June 17-26, 2022

New Mexico School for the Arts Student Exhibition

New Mexico School for the Arts Visual Arts Department is mounting an exhibition at Warehouse 21 in conjunction with Currents to showcase work made in the school’s Media Arts classes. NMSA students will be exhibiting such works as interactive new media installations, art games and generative art (an emerging technique where onscreen images are created by the use of computer algorithms that students create by writing code).

There will also be an outdoor TEXT/SOUND projection installation on Saturday evening, 6/11, at W21.

Participating Artists
Erin Ice-Johnson
Lilia Morris-Wright
Hans Frauenglass
Lauren Sarkissian
Paloma Mankus
Devon Ewy
Cole Joyce
Magdalena Nero
Taylor Scism

NMSA senior Lauren Sarkissian, “I think there are a lot of students passionate about this cutting edge 21st century form of art, and it will be great to showcase what we’ve been working on… and share with the community a form of art that transcends what we would typically perceive as art, like painting or drawing.”

Senior Paloma Mankus agrees. “I think that it is great that New Media is finally getting its recognition as an art form as opposed to what you typically think of as art…when I took the New Media class at NMSA, I learned how to write code to create art. I made an interactive program that lets people draw circles of various colors within the parameters I set. When they hold down the mouse the circles are black and white. When they draw without holding down the mouse, saturated colored circles appear.”

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