June 16-25, 2023

Opening / Scanners by Bill Dolson

Opening Reception / Scanners by Bill Dolson
Friday June 8 / 9 – 10pm
Location: Rose Ramada, Railyard Park – Guadalupe Street at Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe

Bill Dolson will be installing 10 light projectors in the Rose Ramada in the Railyard Park to “scan” the adjacent vegetation. “When Dolson’s laser animations are projected onto a bush or tree, a simple line becomes a vertical plane of light scanning across the branches and leaves of the ‘subject,’ exposing detailed structure, which is normally not perceived.” This work is best seen at night, and will be on view every evening through the summer.

Bill Dolson ( has been working in New Media since the late 60’s. He worked as a Computer Engineering Consultant, and has consulted for NASA research projects. His art occupies a unique juncture of New Media and Land Art, creating a novel intersection between technology and the natural world.

SCANNERS is presented by the Railyard Art Project.  The reception is is in conjunction with the opening night of the CURRENTS New Media Festival at El Museo Cultural.  See more about this and many related programs at the Futurition website

The Railyard Art Project
The Railyard Art Committee (RAC) invites both individuals and creative teams to propose visual and performing art projects that are vital, lively and experimental, for temporary installation within the Railyard Park + Plaza. We welcome thoughtful, challenging, playful, innovative, and edifying art in the context of social, cultural expression and environmental sustainability. Such issues may include ––but are not limited to ––cultural heritage, site history, ecological restoration, and the building of a sustainable future. Most importantly, projects should emphasize community engagement, enjoyment and participation. More information is here:
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