June 16-25, 2023

OPTICKS / Send An Image To The Moon And Back

Daniela de Paulis in collaboration with the CAMRAS radio amateur assoc., Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL)
Co-sponsored by 1st-Mile Institute: SARC

Art/ image Moonbounce Performance

This project turns people’s thoughts into space travel, as their images bounce to the Moon and back. During the performance images submitted by the audience will be transmitted as radio signals to the Moon, reflected back and projected live, using Visual Moonbounce, developed after WWII for espionage purposes. OPTICKS transforms the original intent of the technology into playful international cooperation. Postcards of the images will be sent back to the original senders with a message from Daniela.

OPTICKS is a live radio transmission performance between the Earth and the Moon during which images submitted by the public are sent to the Moon and back as radio signals. The project has been realized by visual artist Daniela de Paulis (IT/NL) in collaboration with Jan van Muijlwijk and the CAMRAS radio amateurs association based at Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL). Each live performance is made possible thanks to the international collaboration of radio enthusiasts in the UK, The Netherlands, Brazil, New Jersey and Italy. OPTICKS uses a technology called Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) or Moonbounce, developed shortly after WWII as a form of reliable military radio communication, also used for espionage purposes. EME uses the Moon as a natural reflector for radio signals. The title OPTICKS is inspired by Newton’s discoveries of the light spectrum, reflection and refraction. Similarly, the colors composing an image – converted into radio signals – are bounced off the Moon (reflected and refracted) by its surface during each live performance. More information on the project can be found on

For the CURRENTS live event OPTICKS will be streamed as a Google Hangout and will feature live improvised sounds by Santa Fe composer Steven Paxton, with SFUAD musicians.


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