June 16-25, 2023

Outdoor Vision Fest @ Currents 2014

At sunset on Opening Night the faculty and students of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design will once again light up the Railyard Plaza with a wide variety of audio/visual works from the annual Outdoor Vision Fest. They are a wonderful component of our opening festivities every year.

OVF@Currents brings some of the best work to the exterior spaces of the Railyard on opening and closing nights of the Festival. Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) is a free, annual public event happening every spring on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. OVF features environmental projections, 3D architectural mapping, object-based video, interactive media and other related installations from design, art, film and photography students.

Participating Students and Faculty

VJ Chris Beran brings visuals and audio together in a display of abstract expression (NOTE: I’m not sure how much audio we’ll be doing)
Students from around the world (many from SFUAD) show off their talents and perspectives in 60-second or less films: the winners of the 2014 Frontier/OVF short film competition.
“Marked By Fire.” Video installation. Frank Sankot.
“The Barstool.”  Video installation. Frank Sankot.
“Anaheim.” Installation/video. Franco Rodriguez.
“Heart of Concha Nella.” Video Installation. Lariel Joy.
Animations by Professor Brad Wolfley, SFUAD.

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