June 17-26, 2022

PopUp Performances

Join us for these PopUp performances on Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11, on our opening weekend.

In El Museo Cultural

Cracked Ray Tube / Kyle Evans and James Connolly
Cracked Ray Tube is a realtime audio/video performance piece by artists James Connolly and Kyle Evans. The project explores the latent materiality of analog video through custom-built digital instrumentation interfaced with the hacked communication networks of both analog video transmission and VGA video signals.

DUTY / Michaela Davies
Duty explores both sonic possibilities and human limits, harnessing the bodily convulsions produced by electric muscle stimulation to control performers in a work composed in one octave for fourteen handbells.

Michaela needs 7 brave performers to participate in DUTY. If you are interested signup in the form below.

There will be 2 / 1 hr. rehearsals leading up to the opening weekend performances – June 10 and 11. Expect to perform twice on Friday night and once or twice on Saturday. The performance is only 14 min in duration. Anyone who is pregnant, has a heart condition or other serious medical condition should not signup. You must be 18 yrs or older.

You can view an excerpt of a previous performance here

In the Railyard Plaza

GEODE / Esteban Garcia, Max Carlson & Aaron Zernack
GEODE is a collaborative effort to fuse public sculpture, soundscape, and visual projection into one interactive and immersive experience. A glowing crystal formation stands in the landscape, inviting viewers to reach out from the distance.


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