June 16-25, 2023

Quasar Lounge

Rampant Egos

Opening Weekend in the Railyard Plaza – just outside our main venue, El Museo Cultural.

Richard Bone

The Quasar Pavilion will be presented as an outdoor, two-day art/music installation on the opening Festival weekend, Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10th, consisting of an open-ended space complete with large video screen, sound stage area and found-object art design. Located just outside the main entrance of El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
Santa Fe music and video artist Dwight Loop will curate a wide variety of experimental live music and video performances. Urszula Bolimowski (Santa Fe) will design the Pavilion with a futuristic concept utilizing found and re-cycled objects (with an emphasis on the refractive quality of CDs and other metallic elements). Visual artists include: lumia projection artist Lynn Augstein (Cobalt Sun), video creators Richard Bone, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Jon Wadsworth and others TBA. Performing artists include: The Chuppers Ensemble (Manny Rettinger: director-experimental sound object art), Rampant Egos (Santa Fe experimental music), Nathaniel Bartlett (composer), Dream Jungle (trance-world electronica), M. J. Hood and others to TBA.

Friday and Saturday Lineup


6:30 M.J. Hood (trombone and electronics)
7:30 Chuppers (hand built electronics and instruments) / Video Art House Art Mix
8:30 Rampant Egos & (NM trio of electronics, theremins, recorder, poetry w/video art)
9:30 Video Nathaniel Bartlett & Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
10:00 Lynn Augstein (Sausalito, CA) Lumia-Art video mix
“Helios” recorded music from David Parsons (New Zealand), Steve Roach (Tuscon, AZ), Dwight Loop (Santa Fe, NM)
11:00 Music Video Art Mixes: Richard Bone,
Music: Dream Jungle DJ set – “Archetypes”
w/Lumia geometrics video


6:00-7:00 TBA (possible CelloCosmos set)
9:30-Midnight (following Railyard Tower Concert)
Video Art and Music Videos from: Nathaniel Bartlett, Jonn Wadsworth (Harmony Channel), Ray Regan (Bay Area), Todd Stock (Bay Area), Kosho (Bay Area), Lynn Augstein (Sausalito, CA), Richard Bone (Atlanta),  and others….

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler

Manny Rettinger/Chuppers Electric Ensemble

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