August 21-30, 2020

{ remnants } of a { ritual } | Zoe Sandoval and Matthew Ragan

{ remnants } of a { ritual } – installation by Zoe Sandoval and Matthew Ragan

Throughout opening weekend, Zoe will perform a series of alchemical rituals to maintain and curate the installation. These will be enacted at the beginning and end of each day the exhibition is open.

Initially, I will fill the basin with water and add Borax to create the solution needed to crystallize the love letters. Once love letters have been added to the basin, they will crystallize overnight.

The following morning, I will arrive to the installation to delicately remove them from the basin and place them to dry. I will then empty the basin and restart the process of filling it with water and borax.

After the remnants have dried, I will intermittently hang them within the installation space for new and returning participants to come and see.

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