June 14-23, 2024

Survey | Theater Grottesco

Pop-Up Theatrical Performances
Santa Fe County Fairgrounds | Outdoors


Theater Grottesco, explores themes of Art Meets History through the lens of physical theatre. Burning Books, Axle Contemporary and Theater Grottesco have collaborated on an absurdist vision of surveys, social media’s iconic contemporary information gathering tool. Laced with New Mexican history, Theater Grottesco will turn the questions and answers over to its post-modern Greek chorus for a biting physical performance. 
SURVEY is a structured improvisation dedicated to the memory of J.A. Deane, the Duke of improvisation. Theater Grottesco began in Paris in 1983 and has created 18 full length productions and over 50 shorter works ranging in style from Tragic Buffoonery to gesture-based dance. Grottesco has performed in 8 countries, 30 states, most major U.S. cities, and dozens of smaller communities.

Axle Contemporary Mobile Artspace | Santa Fe For Art’s Sake

Axle Contemporary, Burning Books, Theater Grottesco


Axle Mobile Artspace. See axleart.com for daily locations

From November 2021 through February 2022, an online survey was spread throughout the land by Axle Contemporary, Burning Books, and Theater Grottesco. The survey engaged Santa Fe history, places, and concepts of culture and art. The exhibition in the Axle Contemporary Mobile Artspace will present the survey results as text, graphics, and photography by survey participants.
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