June 14-23, 2024

InterPlanetary Festival / Santa Fe Institute

The InterPlanetary Project, powered by the Santa Fe Institute, seeks to engage with pressing problems of today by imagining the challenges of tomorrow. We seek to change the world one planet at a time.

The InterPlanetary Festival combines the thought-provoking aspects of a Science Conference with the experiential pleasures of a summer festival. At the heart of the two-day event, SFI is building an InterPlanetary Ideas and Innovations Expo, to showcase important projects and technologies to the future planetologists attending this event. Additionally, SFI will host InterPlanetary Panel Discussions on topics most relevant to humanity’s future. The expo and panels take place in the center of the Santa Fe Railyard, surrounded by a progressive InterPlanetary Arts Market, a sci-fi film showcase, local coffee, local beer, InterPlanetary pop-up art installations, locally prepared food, creative workshops, artist presentations, an immersive digital/new-media arts installation, a maker space, and a live outdoor concert series. And, this festival is COMPLETELY FREE to attend. In this way, the InterPlanetary festival hopes to galvanize attendees to take on and engage with the largest challenges of humanity’s future in an inviting, inspiring, inclusive, safe and fun space.

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