June 16-25, 2023

Somatic Echo by Juri Hwang Signup

Juri Hwang‘s amazing piece, Somatic Echo, will be open to the public on our opening weekend only.
June 7, 8, 9
El Museo Cultural . 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM 87501
CURRENTS 2019 main exhibition venue in the Santa Fe Railyard
$5 Admission Fee for 21yrs and older / 20 and younger free

Somatic Echo is an experimental sound art project that utilizes bone-conducted sound to investigate human audition and create an unusual and mesmerizing experience of the body as a medium of sound. The installation uses a reclining chair and a sound mask to play an 8-channel composition through 8 transducers placed on the user’s head. The transducers transmit sound through the bone structure of the skull directly to the listener’s inner ear, bypassing the outer ears, the normal gateway for auditory signals. Listeners experience the soundscape through both auditory and tactile senses perceiving a sonic image shaped by the sound traveling through the head structure and through vibration applied to the skin.

Because of the limited run of Somatic Echo we are asking interested visitors to sign up for a 15min slot throughout the days and evenings of our opening weekend. 77 people will be able to experience this unique work.

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