June 16-25, 2023

Multimedia Processes Using Max for Live

Presented by Cory Metcalf

This will be a workshop on using Ableton Live 9 to create original audio content.This will be a general introduction to the use of Ableton Live as a tool for creative sound sculpting. This workshop is sponsored by Ableton

Darwin Grosse and Andrew Pask will be assisting.

Participants must provide their own laptop computers loaded with Ableton Live 9 and the Max for Live add-on (purchased or demo).

Bio: Cory Metcalf is an interactive media and sound artist with interests ranging from the field of bio-media to the performance of extended vocal and instrumental noise-music. Metcalf is currently pursuing an MFA in the Emergent Digital Practices department at the University of Denver where he is also an adjunct member of the faculty. Metcalf’s work explores, among other things, the intersections of human-plant interaction, biological and geological systems, real-time media instruments, responsive installation environments, novel encryption systems, and visualization/sonification of data sets. NoiseFold, Metcalf’s more recent work focuses on expanding traditional uses of the Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment to create large scale software instruments with a broad range of generative possibilities and applications; novel encryption mechanisms; digitally modified sculptural objects; spectral manipulations of sonic materials; and phonography.

Workshop description: Max for Live is both a world of devices and a community of device builders. Create your own devices or utilize ready-made instruments, effects and tools from the dedicated community of artists and builders who share their Max for Live creations. For this workshop, Ableton partner with artist Cory Metcalf to explore some of these ready-made devices and demonstrate how Max for Live allows you to enhance your installations and performances, through complete Ableton Live 9 integration with Max 6. Whether you’re new to Ableton Live or a season pro, this workshop will offer some exciting tips and tricks for all attendees.

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