June 16-25, 2023

The Light Foundry Hologram Workshop

The Light Foundry Hologram Workshop
Friday, June 21 6 – 8pm @ CURRENTS 826
Saturday, June 22 10am – 3pm @ The Light Foundry – 2911 San Isidro Ct, Santa Fe, NM
Sunday June 23 10am – 3pm (or until needed) @ The Light Foundry

The Light Foundry Inc., a hologram studio that has been operating in Santa Fe for over 30 years, invites participants to explore the magic of holograms through a two day workshop to be held over one weekend. The workshop will be prefaced by a roundtable discussion with world renowned pioneer of holographic technology – Fred Unterseher, The Light Foundry Inc. proprietor – August Muth, and third-generation holographic artist – C Alex Clark.

Through the workshop the artists from The Light Foundry seek to introduce new and amatuer holographers to the techniques of DCG (Dichromated Gelatin) single-beam Denisyuk holograms, which are the specialty of the studio. Over the years of operation August Muth, the proprietor of The Light Foundry, has perfected and improved upon these special techniques to produce white-light viewable reflection holograms. As a way of improving both understanding and appreciation of this type of holography, we wish to invite interested participants into the studio to make their own holograms. Over the two days, aspiring holographers will start with making a 3D model in real space to become a hologram. This model will then be placed on the holographic isolation table where the participant will make an exposure with a high-powered laser beam. The participant will process their hologram with some standard photographic chemistry. Finally, the participants will scrape a border from the gelatin in order to make the piece ready for the final step of sealing. The workshop assistants will seal the hologram and deliver it to the participants within the following week. Throughout the workshop there will be a wealth of information conveyed about holographic technology, as well as some basics concerning the physics and magic of light.


Friday, June 21 – Open roundtable discussion with Fred Unterseher, August Muth, C Alex Clark
6 pm – 8 pm @ Currents 826

Saturday, June 22 – Day 1 : Introduction to process and model building
10 am – 3 pm with lunch break @ The Light Foundry

Sunday, June 23 – Day 2 : Exposing, processing, scraping
10 am – 3 pm (or until needed) @ The Light Foundry

Participants and Fee

This workshop can accommodate up to 10 participants
Workshop fee will be $150 to cover the costs of glass, emulsion, laser time, and sealing materials.

Fred Unterseher

His artistic work embodies the spiritual and sensual bring together his intellect, humor and empathy.  Combining holography with other media he expresses concepts and explores ideas of science, visual perception, light, kinetics, consciousness and community.  He views art as a condition that enhances and expands the experience of self-transformation.

“With the artwork I was interested in capturing a moment that the viewer can interact with.  The hologram plays back a dimensional form of light where the viewer directs the sequence by their movements.  The emphasis remains on the viewer’s interactive experience with the work.  Each person experiences the many vantage points and sequences of movement as unique and different from one to the other, as well as different from one encounter to the next.”

August Muth

Light, as we perceive it, gives us only a brief glimpse of the momentary realities in which we exist.

Through my work, I strive to record with precision the perceptible light-space-time phenomena.  As these three elements intertwine, a three-dimensional topography of pure light is formed, revealing a window into the elusive realms of the light-space-time paradox.  Luminous veils of light invite the viewer into a multi-dimensional journey.  The physicality of earthly materials becomes nonessential as one becomes enthralled by the tactile quality of this light.

My intent is to reveal a cognitive holographic dimension within our ordinary experiences of light, and to stimulate a dialogue between the ordinary and the extraordinary planes of understanding.  This in turn may expand our perceptions, increase our acceptance of the unknown, and facilitate the evolution of our culture toward systems that are more holistically integrated.

Light is the faithful archivist of time.

C Alex Clark

An inquiry of perceptual reality underlies the physical, digital, and philosophical constructions of C Alex Clark. Moving through varied mediums and crafts including holography, digital image making, sculpture, weaving, video, installation, and performance, their practice seeks to confront, challenge, and enhance modes of perception. A destabilization of strongly held perceptual beliefs can change the simplex modes of thought which are handed to us, allowing for a complex —or further, multiplex— constellation of new thought to arise. These new thought patterns can subsequently be superposed onto concepts outside of art, such as gender, economics, and other cultural and socio-political constructions which are often taken for granted.

C Alex Clark came into this existence in Wichita, Ks (1988), and currently resides in Santa Fe, NM. They graduated with a BFA in Photography from Santa Fe university of Art and Design (2014) and completed their MFA in the Low-Residency program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2018). They presently work as an assistant and collaborator with August Muth —a world-renowned hologram artist— and as the Assistant to the Directors for Parallel Studios —which produces CURRENTS, an annual new media art festival, now in its tenth year.

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