June 17-26, 2022


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THINKING AND WRITING ABOUT NEW MEDIA ART: Art and Technology in Collaboration

4 Day Seminar / Limit 20 Individuals / to register: fill out the online form at the bottom of this page
The 1hr Lecture on Saturday, 6/13, at 12:30 pm in the Warehouse 21 upstairs theater is open to the public.

CURRENTS, Santa Fe’s annual, international, new media festival will open on June 12th. As part of the festival’s ongoing series of scholarly presentations, noted art historian, Dr. Edward Shanken and professor of media arts, Dr.Yolande Harris, will lead a three day program that engages the community in an interactive and participatory experience of the arts.

The free program will invite the general public to view the work in CURRENTS’ main exhibition as a vehicle for reflecting on the creative process, the role of technology in the arts, and technology’s impact on 21st century life.

The program includes:
-a visit to the install where participants will view new media art being installed and ask questions of the artists, curators and scholars about the process of preparing work for public view
-Ms. Harris’s artist to artist interviews, will explore artists’ creative motivation, their relationship with their work and their work’s relationship to the larger cultural and social landscape. The audience will be encouraged to take part in questioning the artists and scholars.
-Dr. Shanken’s lecture will put the work in the exhibition in historical context, discuss the intersection of art and technology and over arching questions of technology as a social force.
-a response component will allow participants to use their experiences to think and write critically about works of art in the exhibition and to use the work as a resource for reflecting on shifts in society that are driven by technology’s integration into everyday life.

Participants will be encouraged to use the days between the formal segments of the program to reflect and, if they
choose, create in response to their interactions with the exhibition, artists and scholars. During the final meeting they will dialog with each other and the program leaders, write drafts of critical reviews or essays and publish their final drafts, which can include text, images, videos, sound, and hyperlinks.

Seminar Schedule:

Day 1: Wed June 10, 1 – 4:30pm / Visit the CURRENTS Installation in Process @ El Museo Cultural
For Seminar Participants only

Intro to Currents / Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster
Intro to process / Edward Shanken

Walk through exhibition installation in process with Yolande
Talks with 4 Artists

Writing 1 – first impressions / reflections (300 words)

Meet and discuss with Ed and/or Yolande

Day 2: Friday June 12, 6pm – Midnight / Festival Opening Night Suggested Attendance @ El Museo Cultural

Day 3: Saturday, June 13, 12:30 – 6:15pm @ Warehouse 21 and El Museo Cultural

Public lecture: Art and Electronic Media, Dr. Ed Shanken / 12:30pm @ Warehouse 21 – upstairs theater


Seminar participants visit exhibition individually – identify work to write about El Museo Cultural


Seminar participants visit exhibition as a group with Ed and discuss works to be written about El Museo Cultural


Seminar Participants / Writing 2 -­‐ about a work in exhibition (minimum 500 words)

Online Homework for Sunday:
1) Read and write short responses to each other’s Writing 2 / shared through google docs
2) Read AEM Online Companion Content Creation Guide

Day 4: Sunday, June 14, 11am – 4pm @ Warehouse 21 – upstairs theater
For Seminar Participants only

Workshop on creating multimedia content using AEM Online Companion @ Warehouse 21

Discuss each others Writing 2 with goal of creating multimedia articles @ Warehouse 21


Individual work to complete final multimedia articles @ Warehouse 21

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