June 16-25, 2023

Second Saturday Performances

Songs and Elements / Elaine Bearer, Tom McVeety, John B. Carpenter and Four Directions Home / Noisefold

A fourth exciting evening of a variety of multimedia performances featuring:

Gary Lee Nelson
Multimedia Performance
Santa Fe, NM

Gary Lee Nelson is a pioneer in digital arts since 1964. His work runs from electronic music in the studio to interactive performance on stage. Since 2000, moving image has joined sound in a series of films. The as-yet-untitled work for Currents is a structured improvisation with Nelson as the conductor. Using wireless devices he controls a world of sound and sight where every element lies under his hand. Key words are “evolution” and “emergence.”

E.L. Bearer (Composer) with Tom McVeety (composer/cello), Tina Termini (flute) and John B. Carpenter (digital media artist)
Songs and Elements
Multimedia Performance – electric cello/interactive video
Albuquerque, NM/Los Angeles, CA

In this performance, two companion pieces for electric cello, are activated by the same video projection software, with each producing different visual outcomes. In response to Songs, by E.L. Bearer and Elements, by Tom McVeety, John Carpenter’s interactive video projection will respond to high and low pitches, intensities, and rhythms with pattern and color moving across the screen.

NoiseFold: David Stout / Cory Metcalf
Four Directions Home
Multimedia Performance 65 minutes
Denton, TX

Using the painterly possibilities of digital generative techniques, this live cinema, sound and music performance explores real-time audio-visual processes to re-imagine the traditions of landscape painting. We can no longer view the landscape as a refuge, as much of the world is under siege. In this transfigured landscape of strip mines, chemical dumps, deforested expanse and glacial decline, NoiseFold imagines a different kind of elemental awareness. The pastoral slides away in successive waves of transformation.

All Performances Are FREE

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