June 17-26, 2022

Virtual Object

Joshua Harker / Crania Anatomica

June 10 – August 11, 2016
Opening Reception – June 10 5-7pm

In conjunction with the CURRENTS New Media Festival, Virtual Object opens in form & concept’s upstairs gallery. The exhibition will showcase objects made or influenced by the exciting new processes emerging from the realm of 3D printing. form & concept was founded to “explore relationships between art, craft and design. Handmade and computer-made processes need not be at odds with each other,” said form & concept Director Frank Rose. “As technology increasingly expands into our lives, I think it is important to use these tools consciously and investigate what kinds of artistic communication may be possible. It’s equally important to recognize and support handmade craft practice, as a balance. They both emerge from humanity, after all!” Virtual Object was curated by Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster from CURRENTS New Media Festival and Frank Rose at form & concept.

Participating Artists

3D Printing
Nick BontragerCore Samples from Space Puppet Relay Team: Project Terra
Jenny Filipetti Breath Vessels
McArthur FreemanPine App / Balloon Bump
Keeley Haftner – Industrial Compost, Shell Spill
Josh HarkerCrania Anatomica
Arthur HashNeckpiece
Robert KrawczykContaining Air: 102d23
Leisa RichLadies of the Night / Bubble Planet Planters
Kristin StranskySentiHubs / Build Failure / EmotiScan
Sabine WeissingerFinistère
Rosalie YuEmbrace in Progress

Priscilla DoblerLa Cocina

Get Directions