June 12-21, 2020

Exhibition History

Parallel Studios mounted its first new media exhibition in the summer of 2002. Since then, Currents has continued to bring regional, national and international New Media Arts to New Mexico. The annual, citywide event includes exhibitions, multimedia performances internships, workshops, panel discussions, docent tours and educational programs that reach out to the schools and to the community.

CURRENTS New Media 2020

Artists Submissions For CURRENTS 2020 Are Now Closed

Festival Schedules and Participating Artists Will Be Announced February 2020

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OUR 10th YEAR!
CURRENTS 2019 was “the best yet”. Thanks to all who visited and participated. Gearing up for 2020.

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Experimental Documentary Screenings
Artists Talks . National Endowment for the Arts Presentation

Opening Weekend Only @ El Museo Cultural
Somatic Echo by Juri Hwang
an Audio Installation Experience
you will need to sign up for a private 15min time slot

2019 Festival Workshops
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the CURRENTS main exhibition venue is at El Museo Cultural
in the Railyard Plaza / 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM
Admission is $5 for 21yrs and older / 20 yrs and younger are free
or buy an unlimited Festival Pass for $10

Opening @ CURRENTS 826 . May 24 . 6-9pm
our year round space
Stitching and Weaving in the Digital Age
curated by Christine Duval

Santa Fe Institute’s InterPlanetary Festival
June 14, 15, 16 in the Santa Fe Railyard Park

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interactive installations . VR and AR environments . multimedia performances . videos/animations .
robotics . app projects . experimental documentaries . 3D printing

A Very Successful CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2018 Ended June 24.
our 2019 Call for Submissions will be posted August 15.

2018 Participating Artists
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CURRENTS Festival Opening Weekend

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F  U  T  U  R  I  T  I  O  N

A New Citywide Partnership
Santa Fe Institute’s first annual InterPlanetary Festival  / June 7 – 8

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Educational Programs  Our work with youth


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CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2017 Closed June 25
We want to thank the Artists, Staff, Interns, Board, Supporters, Sponsors
and Visitors for making this wonderful event possible.

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Educational Programs


2016 was definitely our best year yet. We are gearing up for 2017.

Thanks to all of the Artists, Partners, Supporters, Board Members, Staff, Interns, Volunteers and Visitors who made this year the success that it was.

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More CURRENTS 2016 Videos

Opening Weekend at El Museo and on the Railyard Plaza / 3 min 12 sec   video

Check out this video created by Santa Fe Economic Development  video

Interviews with staff and artists / 7 min 5 sec –  video

Main Exhibition Construction and Install / 3 min 28 sec –  video

Full Documentation of Main Exhibition @ El Museo Cultural / 13 min 57 sec –  video

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Check out the work that was presented at various venues around the state as part of our summer Media Arts Trail project – New Media New Mexico.


The annual, citywide CURRENTS festival offers Exhibitions, Multimedia Performances, Digital Dome Programs, Artists Presentations, Panels and Workshops – All CURRENTS events are Free to the public.

CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2015 is now closed. We want to thank the Artists, Partners, Sponsors, Staff, Interns, Volunteers and Visitors for making this a wonderful event for all!

See you next year @ CURRENTS 2016, June 10-26.

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Opening Weekend Events @ ElMuseo Cultural and in the Railyard Plaza

For all other Events at El Museo and our Partner Venues visit the events calendar on the sidebar or our events page and our venues page,.

Check out our statewide project:

New Media New Mexico 2016 – statewide exhibitions coinciding with CURRENTS 2016. Travel a Media Arts Trail through New Mexico’s spectacular landscape.

View the list of participating artists below.


CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2014 closed June 29. It was an exceptional year! We want to thank the Artists, Staff, Interns, Volunteers, Partners and Sponsors for their participation. Without all of you this would not be possible. We also want to thank the 5,800 visitors who attended. We do this for you.

View of a 10 min documentation of CURRENTS 2014 HERE

We are gearing up for CURRENTS 2015 / June 12 – 28.

Celebrating our fifth year – CURRENTS is an annual, citywide event. The Festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world, for events showcasing interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances, single channel video, animation, digital dome programs, experimental documentary and web based/app art forms. All events and programs are free except for performances at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

Visit the New Media New Mexico Launch Page

View the CURRENTS 2014 participating artists below. View performance artists and other events in the sidebar.


Our fourth annual CURRENTS NEW MEDIA festival took place June 14 – June 30. It was a wonderful success, surpassing our expectations we had over 5,000 visitors from 22 states in the US and 12 other countries. – 1,500 visitors on opening night alone. 111 national and international artists were presented.

The overall response to CURRENTS has been exceptionally positive. Our level of recognition, nationally and internationally, made a great leap this year.

As in past years artists, performers and developers that come to Santa Fe for CURRENTS to join with our many local new media artists to create a vibrant community with a growing network of friendship fostered by the exchange of information and ideas.


Our third annual CURRENTS NEW MEDIA festival was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA June 22-July 8. The CURRENTS festival explored the role of technology and the diverse applications of New Media in the arts. It was a great success with 3,400 visitors. Over 100 artists were presented, including the work of high school and middle school students from the Santa Fe, Albuquerque and and Española area. 26 national and international participating artists visited the festival during its run.

This year’s CURRENTS festival exhibitions showcased single channel video, video and sound installation, interactive new media, animation, computer/software modulated sculpture, multimedia performance, experimental and interactive documentary video, Digital Dome projection, art gaming, web art, workshops and panel discussions.


The second year of our Festival was again a wonderful success and an expansion of 2010: more venues citywide, more participating artists and the inclusion of art gaming, web art, multimedia performances, panels and workshops. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe was again the main venue for this city wide event organized by Parallel Studios.

We were fortunate to have 23 artists from the US, Canada and Europe attend the Festival. They participated in preparing their installations, speaking in panels and workshops and presenting multimedia performances. This participation by the artists is a key component of our festivals. 3 interns from the University of North Texas at Denton were invaluable in the installation and maintenance of the exhibition.

15 video works by local teens from 8 schools in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Española and Taos were again an important part of Currents.


In June of 2010 Parallel Studios was able to implement many of its goals in presenting CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2010 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe in the newly created rail yard district in the heart of Santa Fe. The exhibit coincided with Site Santa Fe’s 8th International Biennial with SITE Santa Fe acting as one of our sponsors. The exhibition took place in 17,000 sq. ft. of El Museo’s complex. El Museo, a non-profit organization, acted as our fiscal agent. We presented the work of 50 adult artists from the U.S. and around the world as well as 22 local high school students.

During its 10 day run – June 17th – 27th – 2000 people from all walks of life passed through the exhibition. It was received with widespread acclaim by the art savvy as well as those who previously were unfamiliar with this type of work. The visitors were from all nationalities and social/economic strata. This let us see that one of our chief priorities–to engage individuals from a broad demographic while at the same time presenting state of the art, world class exhibitions – was truly possible.

Other goals we were able to realize at CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2010: We presented the work of 22 local high school students. Their work was presented for the duration of the show in one of our four screening rooms. On the second Saturday of the run we projected their work on a large screen and had an opening for them. Our future plans are to engage students throughout the school year with a program of on campus presentations and lectures.

40 teens ages 12-15 from the local Boys and Girls Club visited the exhibit on a field trip and were thoroughly engaged. This is part of our program we intend to expand in the coming years in order to bring in more youth groups not only from Santa Fe but from other towns in our region.

10 of the artists from around the U.S. who participated in the exhibit were able to attend. Together with the the local and regional artists who were present they were able spend time !together in a very collegial environment to share information and experience. They all expressed to us what a rewarding experience this was. Our plan next year is to formalize this into hands on workshops in techniques and approaches to this medium.

For this exhibition we had 2 interns from the University of North Texas in Denton. They are receiving credit for their internship.

Currents 2002 – 2009

Above Video: Documentation of Currents 2009 at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery

Parallel Studios presented its first exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in 2002. Between 2002 and 2009 Parallel Studios and its Partners presented four exhibitions. Below are links to the video documentation of the three other exhibitions:
Currents 2002: Center for Contemporary Art
Currents 2003: Art Santa Fe and Shack Obscura/Klaudia Mar Gallery
Currents 2007: Salon Mar Graff