June 16-25, 2023

The College of Fine Arts at Ohio University

The College of Fine Arts at Ohio University celebrates innovative creativity and scholarship within a challenging and supportive learning environment. We infuse the arts into the university, the region, and the world through embracing a broad spectrum of traditions and emerging practices in the visual art, performing arts, and interdisciplinary scholarship. Our students and faculty assist in building culturally inclusive and resilient community through arts engagement and collaboration. Partnerships between the College of Fine Arts and municipal, cultural, and educational institutions support our goal of transformative learning experiences. Discover more of what we do at www.ohio.edu/fine-arts.

For their substantial support, we wish to thank Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts and the GRID Lab at Scripps College of Communication for their generous equipment support for the artwork “Lacuna” by artists C. David Russell and Mateo Galvano.

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